Sunday, 24 May 2009

First version of paraphrase grammar for SHRD2

I've just added a first version of a paraphrase grammar for SHRD2, where it tries to realize the scoped LFs in "logic English". Text example below. It doesn't do much more than this yet, but now that I have the basic structure working I'm hoping that it will be easy to add coverage. Planning to continue with this later today!

>> pick up a big red block

Old state: []
LF: [[imp,
Intermediate 1: [[imp,
scoping_unit([modal, imperative,
term(event_exists, A,
[[pick_up, A, term(pro,B,[[you,B]]),
term(a,C,[[block,C],[size,C,big],[color,C,red]]), up]])])]]
Intermediate 2: [[imp,
quant(pro, A, [[you,A]],
quant(a, B,
Intermediate 3: [[imp,
quant(pro, A, [[you,A]],
quant(a, B,
Dialogue move: [[imp,
quant(exist, A, [[you,A]],
quant(exist, B,
Paraphrase: COMMAND there is an A SUCH THAT you are A AND there is a B SUCH THAT B is a block AND B is big AND B is red AND MAKE IT TRUE THAT there is a C SUCH THAT C is that A picks up B
Abstract action: say(i_dont_understand,present)

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