Tuesday, 10 June 2008

AFF version of Catalan

I've added initial versions of all the files needed for the AFF version of Catalan in MedSLT. Naming conventions are the usual ones, and I was able to build all the AFF Cat resources by doing

make role_marked

in the Cat/scripts directory. There should now be config files for all 5 x 5 = 25 pairs of languages in {Ara, Cat, Eng, Fre, Jap} - this involved adding a few new pairs. I only tested Interlingua to Catalan and Catalan to Interlingua. We get currently translations for about 75% of the sentences in IntCat, and about 20% in CatInt. Hopefully it will be easy to improve these figures.

Over to Pierrette and Bruna to debug the rules. Note that I have macrotised the Cat lexicon to make the AFF version work. It should be mostly OK, but there were a few cases (in particular, WH+ PPs) where I wasn't quite sure how to do the macrotisation - people who actually know Catalan should review the entries.

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