Monday, 2 June 2008

Problems with SICStus 4.0.3 resolved

The SICStus people were as usual very responsive, and we now seem to be OK for running under 4.0.3. However, (this is IMPORTANT), you need to install a couple of patch files if you are using that version of SICStus. So, if you're using 4.0.3, do the following:
  • Update Regulus from CVS, using the -d option to get new directories.
  • Copy the files from Prolog/SicstusPatches/4.0.3 to C:/Program Files/SICStus Prolog 4.0.3/library, or wherever you have your copy of SICStus.
I will set my default version of SICStus to 4.0.3, which means I'll no doubt test it a fair amount over the next few days. I would not recommend people to switch over to 4.0.3 until I've run with it a while and reported on how it's working.

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