Friday, 10 July 2009

First steps in Bridge system

With help from Cathy Chua, our Bridge expert, I've been putting together a first version of a grammar for the Bridge domain this week. Cathy has been supplying vocabulary and a corpus of examples showing how to use it, and I've used that to build an initial lexicon. The specialized grammar derived from these resources now has a vocabulary of about 220 surface words. Here are some typical utterances it can already handle:

who has the queen of clubs
who bid one no trump
is two clubs a transfer
cover the ten with the jack
can you finesse in diamonds
can you make if spades are four one

We tried compiling a recognizer using the Australian English package, and, with Cathy's Australian voice, recognition is anecdotally quite good. (I have discovered that the difference between British English and Australian English is substantial). We will be adding more coverage over the weekend. Next week, I hope we'll be able to start thinking concretely about how to hook up the Regulus components with BASSINET, Leon Stirling's Bridge program, to produce a first cut at an end-to-end system that can respond to spoken questions and commands.

As we expected, the Bridge domain is quite a lot more more complex than anything we have tried so far in Regulus. It will definitely stretch us!

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