Monday, 20 July 2009

Regulus for DORIS

When I was visiting Melbourne Uni last week, I talked with Patrick Ye about the possibility of using Regulus to provide speech recognition for the DORIS project, which, as he pointed out, is in fact quite similar to SHRD2; in both domains, the basic idea is to find things, pick them up, and move them around. I did indeed find it very easy to use the examples corpus and vocabulary that Patrick sent me to adapt the existing SHRD2 resources, and in just a few hours put together an initial Regulus grammar that could be compiled into a recogniser. The current version of the grammar covers a bit more than 80% of Patrick's corpus, and the recogniser can turn spoken sentences in Australian-accented English into either strings of words or scoped logical forms. For example, here's the representation it produces of "the red book is on the desk":

quant(def_sing, A, [[book,A],[color,A,red]],
quant(def_sing, B,

If people want to look at the details, the files are checked in at The interesting ones are the lexicon, at, and the corpus, at


bahockey said...

Is there any information about the DORIS project? There doesn't seem to be any obviously available online.

Manny said...

I just asked Patrick if there was anything. Will post his reply when I get it!

Manny said...

Patrick says there is no external page for Doris yet, but there soon will be.