Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Swedish CALL-SLT

I must stop messing around with the Scandinavian grammar... it's really too much fun! Anyway, I now have a reasonable first cut at a Swedish version of CALL-SLT, working as usual in the restaurant domain. Elisabeth helped me add more material to the Swedish corpus last night; currently, it contains about 160 entries, of which about 90% work. I just tried out the live system, using Maria's GUI, and it runs fine. As I'd hoped, recognition picked up a good deal once I was able to switch on N-best rescoring. I'm getting performance in Swedish only slightly inferior to what I get in English, which seems reasonable given my relative abilities in the two languages.

If people want to try it out, you need to update both Regulus and CALL-SLT using the -d flag, and do a make in CALLSLT/Swe/scripts. Then run in the usual way. So far there is no spoken help, but Elisabeth has promised to record files over Christmas.

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