Monday, 3 August 2009

Adding Romance to Regulus

Following discussions with Pierrette, I've now moved the shared Romance grammar from MedSLT/Rom to the new directory Regulus/Grammar/Romance. I've also moved the domain-independent French grammar and lexicon files to Regulus/Grammar/Romance/French. This mirrors the directory structure in Jen's Germanic grammar.

I've adjusted the MedSLT config files for Fre, Spa and Cat to point to the new files. All three languages still appear to build correctly in the AFF (role-marked semantics) versions. I have not done anything with the old (linear semantics) versions, which I am now assuming are obsolete.

All three languages appeared to build fine when I tested, but Pierrette will probably want to check things more carefully. If there are problems, please me know - they should be easy to fix.

The payoff is that I will now be able to construct a config file for the French version of CALL-SLT. Coming up next.

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