Saturday, 22 August 2009

Progress on CALL-SLT

I have the generic CALL-SLT functionality packaged up so that it can be run inside the dialogue server - this involved extending the dialogue server a little bit, so that you can now call recognition from inside it. The interface between the client and the CALL-SLT-loaded dialogue server is consequently very simple. There are so far just three commands:
  • "Next prompt". The server generates a new prompt, using its current strategy, and returns it.
  • "Recognize and match". The server performs recognition, translates it to Interlingua, matches against the current prompt, and returns a string explaining what happened.
  • "Help". The server returns the current prompt, plus a text example illustrating one possible way to realize the prompt.
I have been testing with a minimal Prolog-based client. It should be easy to write a Java client which offers a nice GUI-style interface.

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