Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Progress on CALL-SLT

I've now got enough stuff working in CALL-SLT that it's possible to translate a few simple sentences from spoken English to Interlingua. Here's an example:

>> i would like two beers

Source: i would like two beers
Target: POLITE REQUEST two beer
Other info:
n_parses = 1
parse_time = 0.047
source_representation = [(agent=[pronoun,i]), (null=[action,like]), (null=[modal,would]),
(null=[utterance_type,dcl]), (null=[voice,active]),
(object=[drink,beer]), (object=[spec,2])]
transfer_to_source_discourse_time = 0.0
source_discourse = [(null=[utterance_type,dcl]), (agent=[pronoun,i]), (null=[voice,active]),
(null=[modal,would]), (null=[action,like]), (object=[spec,2]),
resolved_source_discourse = [(null=[utterance_type,dcl]), (agent=[pronoun,i]),
(null=[voice,active]), (null=[modal,would]), (null=[action,like]),
(object=[spec,2]), (object=[drink,beer])]
resolution_processing = trivial
resolution_time = 0.0
transfer_to_interlingua_time = 0.0
interlingua = [(arg2=[drink,beer]), (arg2=[number,2]), (null=[politeness,polite]),
interlingua_surface = POLITE REQUEST two beer
interlingua_checking_time = 0.0

--- Performed command i would like two beers, time = 0.05 seconds

We are not far from having everything we need to be able to build and run an initial version of the CALL-SLT server. Originally, it will prompt in the surface interlingua. but I'll leave in a hook so that we can use the picture interlingua as soon as we have something available.

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